married couple reviewing finances for planning retirement budget with our Dallas financial advisors

Have You Thought About Your Retirement Budget?

Budgeting plays a critical role in our everyday lives. Budgets help us plan for monthly costs like a down payment/mortgage, groceries, and other bills. They also help us plan for less frequent costs, such as vacations. Because of this, it makes sense for retirees to incorporate budgeting into their Dallas retirement planning. Why then, don’t more retirees rely on a budget? In this article, our Dallas retirement financial advisors–which serve retirees in Colleyville and Forth Worth–will discuss how to build a retirement budget.

Just Because You Have Fewer Expenses When You Retire, Doesn’t Mean Budgets Stop Being Useful

Many retirees try to have as few expenses as possible. For example, you may continue to live in your current house if the mortgage is paid off or, alternatively, you may opt to sell your house and buy a smaller one that you can pay in full (or really close to full). You may also have enough money saved to get that brand new sports car you always wanted. However, chances are you will still have expenses, so budgeting will remain just as important when you retire as it did all those years beforehand.

How Do You Start Budgeting For Retirement?

While many budgets may be done on a monthly basis, retirement budgeting is a bit different as it needs to be done years in advance. Our Dallas financial advisors recommend you take these factors into consideration when starting your retirement budget:

1: Take A Look At Your Current Expenses

This will help you see which ones you are likely to have when you retire. This will give you a good idea of how much of your salary you will need to continue paying those expenses.

2: Consider Other Forms Of Income

Many retirees decide to run a business or rely on their investment portfolio for retirement income. Social Security is another form of income–and remember, the longer you wait, the more income you may get. 

Our Dallas Financial Advisors Can Help You Budget For Your Retirement

Although there are a few online sources you can use, such as an income calculator, it’s always best to work with our Fort Worth retirement planning experts in Dallas and Colleyville. By working with us, we can better customize your retirement budget because we can take into account various factors that are specific to your life and your retirement goals. Online tools simply can’t achieve this. If you’re ready to start budgeting for your retirement, please contact our Dallas retirement financial experts. We look forward to helping you navigate your retirement!