The impact of inflation in Dallas retirement planning

How Inflation Affects Your Fort Worth Retirement Planning

Fort Worth retirement planning, which involves saving and investing for the future, is a fundamental aspect of every person’s financial strategy. Consulting with a Fort Worth financial advisor ensures security during your retirement years. It enables you to accumulate the necessary funds to cover your living expenses, medical costs, and other financial needs when you are no longer working. While you’re working on your retirement plan, it’s also important to consider the eroding effects of inflation.

What Is Inflation?

Inflation causes the prices of goods and services to rise over time, resulting in a decrease in the purchasing power of a currency. When the prices of goods and services increase, each unit of currency (such as a dollar) buys less than it did in the past. It’s caused by different factors, including increased demand, rising production costs, and changes in government policies.

The Impact of Inflation on Your Purchasing Power

With inflation, the same amount of money will buy fewer goods and services in the future. This means that the retirement income and savings you've carefully accumulated may not stretch as far as you initially anticipated. This is especially true if you rely on fixed sources of income in retirement, such as pensions or certain types of annuities. Your Fort Worth retirement financial advisor will tell you that inflation can erode the real value of these types of income.

Considering Longer Retirement Periods

Individuals are living longer in retirement, which means that their savings need to last for a more extended period. As inflation continues to erode the value of your money, your savings may need to cover a longer retirement. This is why a Fort Worth financial advisor will stress the importance of accounting for inflation. Keep in mind that healthcare expenses tend to rise faster than the general rate of inflation. For retirees, medical costs are a significant concern. Inflation can significantly impact your ability to cover these expenses comfortably.

How to Combat the Effects of Inflation

Our Fort Worth retirement financial advisor encourages many retirees to invest in assets that historically offer some degree of inflation protection, such as real estate and stocks. What’s crucial to remember is to strike a balance between risk and return that aligns with your Fort Worth retirement goals. It would also help to reevaluate your withdrawal rates to ensure that your savings last throughout your retirement.

Work With Your Trusted Fort Worth Financial Advisor

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