older couple nearing retirement age and meeting with their Dallas financial advisor

Things To Ask As You Approach Retirement Age

Whether you planned for retirement as soon as you finished schooling and got your first job or if you waited some time until you felt a bit more stable in your career, there are certain questions you need to ask and learn the answers to as you approach the age at which you planned to retire. In this article, our Colleyville-based retirement financial advisors–who serve the Dallas/Fort Worth area–will address three questions that anyone nearing retirement needs to have a definitive answer for. By knowing the answers to these questions, working out the rest of your retirement planning strategy becomes a lot easier.

Question 1: Aside From No Longer Working Full-Time, What Do You Dream Of Doing When Retired?

Some dream of retiring to a beach house, buying a luxury sports car, traveling the world, and more. Whichever the case, having a clear vision (or visions) in mind is critical because it enables us as your Dallas retirement financial advisor to better strategize and assist in making your dreams a reality.

Question 2: Do You Have Enough Money To Support Your Retirement Dreams?

Figuring out how much money you need in order to enjoy the retirement of your dreams is the primary reason our Fort Worth independent financial advisors are hired. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and goals and develop various retirement planning strategies that will result in the financial requirements you need to meet to enjoy your retirement. Our unique strategies may incorporate any of the following:

Rest assured that we will do whatever is possible to maximize your financial security as you transition into retirement.

Question 3: Have You Initiated A Dallas Estate Plan?

As mentioned, we also offer estate planning services to those in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who are planning their retirement. Entrusting us and your estate attorney to offer our expertise when planning your estate means you won’t be as stressed attempting to figure out how to divide your estate all on your own. Also part of the estate planning process, it is important to devise a good tax strategy that minimizes the tax burden when you pass. We know this process is rather unpleasant and long, but it is in your best interest–and that of your heirs–to plan ahead. We’ll be right by your side the entire way through!

The Independent Financial Planners At Retire Guides Are Here To Help You Navigate Your Retirement

Retirement is a long journey and even when you have officially retired, you may still need to assess and tweak your current strategy because needs and wants change over time. If you are approaching retirement age or have begun the planning process, please contact us so we can work with you to help you navigate this phase of life and enjoy retired living to the fullest.