Couple shaking hands with Dallas financial advisor

What to Look for in a Dallas Financial Advisor

Building a secure and financially sound investment portfolio is an important part of retirement planning. Considering the number of options available to you, it’s imperative that you choose the right Dallas financial advisor to properly guide your choices. Retire Guides is here to explain the best approach to making this important decision and ensure a comfortable and lucrative lifestyle upon retirement. Here’s our advice for choosing the right Dallas financial advisor or Fort Worth financial advisor for you and your money.

Tips for Choosing the Right Dallas Financial Advisor

Tip 1: Choose an Advisor Who Meets Your Retirement Planning Needs

When you shop for a car, house, or any other large purchase, you know what you want and need. The same should hold true when shopping for the person who will guide your most important financial decisions going forward. What types of retirement investments do you want to make? How much money do you need upon retirement? How soon do you plan to retire and have you already begun planning for retirement? These are good questions to ask yourself when you begin looking for a Dallas financial advisor or Fort Worth financial advisor. 

Tip 2: Choose a Dallas Financial Advisor Who Works for You, Not the Other Way Around

There are many roles within the financial planning industry, and some advisors will protect your wealth better than others. At Retire Guides, we have a fiduciary duty to act with your best financial interests in mind. We guide your retirement planning based upon the investments that will work best for you now while also achieving your goals upon retirement. Many companies offer financial advice, but this advice may be focused more on their bottom line than growing your wealth responsibly. 

Tip 3: Choose a Dallas Financial Advisor with a Clean History

You’ve worked hard to manage your finances and you want a trustworthy, credentialed Dallas financial advisor or Fort Worth financial advisor with a reputation for integrity and sound advice. Given the highly-regulated nature of this industry, most red flags can easily be found with a little research on the advisor’s background and possible disciplinary issues. Reading customer testimonials and reviews can also assist in the vetting process.

Tip 4: Choose an Advisor With a Proven Track Record 

Due to its complex and specified nature, financial planning can be an overwhelming experience for many. When choosing someone to provide you with financial advice, you want someone who is informed, experienced, and has a history of success. When meeting with a potential advisor, ask them about their qualifications, credentials, and education so you can be sure you’re putting your money in the right hands.

Trust Retire Guides With Your Dallas Retirement Planning 

Our mission is to help our clients make smart investment decisions by fostering professional relationships based on trust. Whether you’re just beginning to plan for retirement or already have an established investment portfolio, our Dallas financial advisors can provide you with expert advice that meets your individual needs. Schedule an appointment with our financial planners today to ensure a comfortable retirement tomorrow.