coins stacked from small to large to represent growth of retirement investment portfolio

When Should you Start Saving for Retirement?

One of the most common topics of discussion between our Dallas financial advisors and clients centers around the best time to begin saving for retirement. Whether you begin setting money aside for retirement as soon as you land your first job out of college or decide to wait until you’re already established your career, it’s never too late or too early to plan for your future. That said, our Dallas retirement financial advisors–who also serve clients in Fort Worth–encourage you to consider the following advice regarding your retirement financial planning timeline, as well as the role we play to help you make the best decisions for your future retirement.

When Should You Begin Planning Your Retirement?

Retirement may seem like a distant fantasy for recent college graduates who are just beginning their careers, but our Fort Worth ​​retirement financial advisors believe that the earlier you start planning your retirement, the better. Even if it’s a small amount, the sooner you begin  your retirement savings, the more time it has to grow and accrue interest (if invested correctly). As your career progresses and your earnings increase, so should your contributions each month. 

How Much Should You Set Aside for Your Retirement Investment Portfolio?

The paychecks you receive early in your career are small compared to what you’ll likely earn as you advance in your career, so what you decide to save for retirement each month should grow alongside your salary. We advise our clients to save what they’re comfortable with saving, as it’s better to set a small amount aside than nothing at all. Our Dallas retirement financial advisor will guide you to make smart investment and savings choices, allowing your retirement savings–however small they may be initially–accrue interest, gradually compounding and growing into far more than what you initially saved. 

Trust our Dallas Retirement Financial Advisors to Help you Navigate your Independent Financial Planning

We know that retirement planning is complex and sometimes overwhelming, especially for recent college graduates just starting out in their careers, but that doesn’t mean you should put it off. Our Fort Worth financial advisors and Dallas financial advisors do all the heavy lifting for you, allowing the process to feel less daunting while also ensuring sound investment decisions that will lead to a comfortable retirement down the road.  From investing for retirement to understanding social security and everything in between, we take the time to get to know your personal retirement investment portfolio and the goals you have for your future. 

Our Fort Worth Retirement Financial Advisors Help you Achieve your Goals

When you’re ready to start saving to ensure a lucrative financial future and comfortable retirement, please contact us. We take the time required to get to know you and gain an understanding of what you hope to achieve, as well as the information we need to make sound investments, such as income, salary prospects, assets, and debts. Our Dallas financial advisors want to help you build a solid retirement investment portfolio and make your money work for you.