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Have You Thought About Your Retirement Budget?

Budgeting plays a critical role in our everyday lives. Budgets help us plan for monthly costs like a down payment/mortgage, groceries, and other bills. They also help us plan for less frequent costs, such as vacations. Because of this, it makes sense for retirees to incorporate budgeting into their Dallas retirement planning. Why then, don’t more retirees rely on a budget? In this article, our Dallas retirement financial advisors–which serve retirees in Colleyville and Forth Worth–will discuss how to build a retirement budget.

Just Because You Have Fewer Expenses When You Retire, Doesn’t Mean Budgets Stop Being Useful

Many retirees try to have as few expenses as possible. For example, you may continue to live in your current house if the mortgage is paid off or, alternatively, you may opt to sell your house and buy a smaller one that you can pay in full (or really close to full). You may also have enough money saved to get that brand new sports car you always wanted. However, chances are you will still have expenses, so budgeting will remain just as important when you retire as it did all those years beforehand.

How Do You Start Budgeting For Retirement?

While many budgets may be done on a monthly basis, retirement budgeting is a bit different as it needs to be done years in advance. Our Dallas financial advisors recommend you take these factors into consideration when starting your retirement budget:

1: Take A Look At Your Current Expenses

This will help you see which ones you are likely to have when you retire. This will give you a good idea of how much of your salary you will need to continue paying those expenses.

2: Consider Other Forms Of Income

Many retirees decide to run a business or rely on their investment portfolio for retirement income. Social Security is another form of income–and remember, the longer you wait, the more income you may get. 

Our Dallas Financial Advisors Can Help You Budget For Your Retirement

Although there are a few online sources you can use, such as an income calculator, it’s always best to work with our Fort Worth retirement planning experts in Dallas and Colleyville. By working with us, we can better customize your retirement budget because we can take into account various factors that are specific to your life and your retirement goals. Online tools simply can’t achieve this. If you’re ready to start budgeting for your retirement, please contact our Dallas retirement financial experts. We look forward to helping you navigate your retirement!

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Understanding Social Security For Your Retirement Planning

Retirement is complex and it’s a journey. Social security is just one of the factors that must be taken into consideration when retirement planning. However, social security is also complex, so in this article, our Dallas retirement financial advisor will explain the basics of understanding social security as you plan your retirement.

What Is Social Security?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what the social security program is. Simply put, the social security program was put into place as a way to provide retirees with income to live off of.

You First Have To Become Eligible For Social Security

Many tend to believe that social security is a given when you retire, and although everyone has the right to social security, you only become eligible for it once you have earned 40 credits. What does this mean? Every year you work, you earn up to 4 credits, so you must work for at least 10 years in order to earn enough credits to qualify for social security benefits.

The Age At Which You Claim Your Social Security Benefits Matters

In general, the longer you wait to claim your social security benefits, the more money you will receive every month once you retire. You can claim your benefits either a few years prior to retirement, or a few years after. The right time for you to retire and claim those benefits is known as the “break-even age”. When you want to determine the best age to claim your social security benefits, our Dallas financial planning company–which serves Colleyville and the Dallas/Fort Worth area–will be glad to assist, as this is vital to developing the right retirement strategy for you. 

Your Social Security Benefits Are Determined By Your Lifetime Earnings

When our Fort Worth retirement financial advisor assists in our clients’ retirement planning, we are often asked about how much our clients will get in Social Security. To determine your benefits, a formula averages the income you earned from your 35 highest-earning years. If you’ve already earned your 40 credits, we can help estimate how much you will receive in social security.

Our Dallas/Fort Worth Retirement Financial Advisors Consider Social Security When Developing Your Retirement Planning Strategy

A lot of factors should be addressed when retirement planning. Social security is just one of them, but it is one of the main factors that our customers worry about. Our Colleyville financial planning team is available to assist and plan the retirement of your dreams; simply contact us and we will be glad to help.

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Things To Know About Dallas Estate Planning

Planning your estate is a long and often grueling component of your retirement planning process. It’s often something a lot of soon-to-be retirees put off, but we don’t recommend this. Instead, we recommend planning your estate early on–we can always adjust it if need be. In this article, our Dallas financial advisors based in Colleyville will offer insight on a few things to know about estate planning as a component of your retirement plan and how we can assist you during this process.

You Don’t Have To Be Wealthy To Plan Your Estate

Usually, estate planning is synonymous with wealth, but even those who aren’t millionaires or billionaires should plan their estate. Let’s go back to early planning for a moment. Let’s say you only have a handful of assets. Years down the line, they may be worth far more than what you initially paid, so it’s imperative that you take the time to plan your estate accordingly.

You Should Have A Clear Goal For Your Estate In Mind

What are you hoping to accomplish with your estate plan? Do you want to protect your family’s wealth? Keep a business up and running after you pass away? Donate to charity? Whatever your goal is, knowing what it is will help us come up with a solid estate plan together on your terms rather than on a judge’s terms.

Taxes May Be Owed By Your Beneficiaries Once They Take Possession Of Their Assigned Asset 

Although Texas does not collect estate or inheritance taxes, the federal government does. However, there are ways to reduce the tax burden on your beneficiaries, and our Dallas retirement financial advisors–who also serve clients in Colleyville and Fort Worth–will help you reduce the tax burden as much as possible. There are certain legalities we must keep in mind, but it is very much possible to lower the taxes on your estate. This is especially important because the taxes owed will depend on your assets’ fair market value by the time they are divided amongst your beneficiaries.

You May Need An Estate Attorney’s Legal Expertise

Our Dallas financial advisors have vast experience and knowledge that will help you come up with the right estate plan for you and your beneficiaries, but a suitable estate attorney will also play a role in getting the right documents. Our retirement planning experts will aid in finding the right attorney for your needs so that, together, we can make estate planning as seamless as possible.

The Dallas Retirement Planning Team At Retire Guides Will Help You Navigate Your Estate Planning

Estate planning is highly involved and, at times, rather tedious. With our retirement financial advisors at your side, we can ensure that your estate is divided how you would like it to and that your beneficiaries are well looked after. If you’re ready to navigate estate planning, please contact us.

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Portfolio Diversification In Dallas Retirement Planning

When it comes to Dallas retirement planning, getting a retirement financial advisor’s help with your retirement investments is absolutely critical since you will no longer live off of a stable income. It’s never too early to start investing and, in fact, the earlier you start the better this may be as you navigate your retirement. In this article, we will discuss the importance of diversifying your portfolio. 

Why You Should Diversify Your Portfolio

Everyone can benefit from retirement planning services, including investment management. There are a number of reasons why our independent financial advisors at Retire Guides recommend that all of our clients have a diversified portfolio. These reasons all point to a central fact: portfolio diversification helps mitigate risk. Here’s how.

Diversifying Your Retirement Investments Means You Won’t Lose More Money Than You're Comfortable

Potential losses are the reason why many are hesitant to invest in the first place. However, when putting together your portfolio, our Colleyville financial advisors (who serve the Dallas/Fort Worth area) will keep in mind the level of risk you are willing to maintain. Your portfolio can consist of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments–each of which reacts differently to market fluctuations. Together, we will help you decide what investments are right for your unique needs.

You May Encourage Better Returns If You Diversify Your Portfolio

The portfolio that is right for you is one that strikes a balance between risk and return based on your unique retirement journey. By diversifying your portfolio, you are putting your money in different baskets. Should one fail to come to fruition the way you hoped, your other baskets will still be there.

Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio Means You Will Remain Aware Of How It Performs

A diversified retirement investment portfolio is not a one-and-done deal. In fact, since your retirement planning is a journey, your portfolio may change as you continue to navigate retirement. In diversifying your investments, you and our Fort Worth independent financial advisors will have many opportunities to regularly check the health of your portfolio.

Retire Guides In Dallas/Fort Worth Will Assist In Diversifying Your Portfolio For Retirement

Diversifying your retirement investment portfolio is a great way to manage a comfortable level of risk. Not only will a diverse portfolio reduce losses and maximize your return, but it will also ensure that we are all well-informed on how your investments perform. If you would like to assess your portfolio or get started with investing for your retirement, please contact our Colleyville retirement planning team so we can get started with navigating your retirement.

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Things To Ask As You Approach Retirement Age

Whether you planned for retirement as soon as you finished schooling and got your first job or if you waited some time until you felt a bit more stable in your career, there are certain questions you need to ask and learn the answers to as you approach the age at which you planned to retire. In this article, our Colleyville-based retirement financial advisors–who serve the Dallas/Fort Worth area–will address three questions that anyone nearing retirement needs to have a definitive answer for. By knowing the answers to these questions, working out the rest of your retirement planning strategy becomes a lot easier.

Question 1: Aside From No Longer Working Full-Time, What Do You Dream Of Doing When Retired?

Some dream of retiring to a beach house, buying a luxury sports car, traveling the world, and more. Whichever the case, having a clear vision (or visions) in mind is critical because it enables us as your Dallas retirement financial advisor to better strategize and assist in making your dreams a reality.

Question 2: Do You Have Enough Money To Support Your Retirement Dreams?

Figuring out how much money you need in order to enjoy the retirement of your dreams is the primary reason our Fort Worth independent financial advisors are hired. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and goals and develop various retirement planning strategies that will result in the financial requirements you need to meet to enjoy your retirement. Our unique strategies may incorporate any of the following:

Rest assured that we will do whatever is possible to maximize your financial security as you transition into retirement.

Question 3: Have You Initiated A Dallas Estate Plan?

As mentioned, we also offer estate planning services to those in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who are planning their retirement. Entrusting us and your estate attorney to offer our expertise when planning your estate means you won’t be as stressed attempting to figure out how to divide your estate all on your own. Also part of the estate planning process, it is important to devise a good tax strategy that minimizes the tax burden when you pass. We know this process is rather unpleasant and long, but it is in your best interest–and that of your heirs–to plan ahead. We’ll be right by your side the entire way through!

The Independent Financial Planners At Retire Guides Are Here To Help You Navigate Your Retirement

Retirement is a long journey and even when you have officially retired, you may still need to assess and tweak your current strategy because needs and wants change over time. If you are approaching retirement age or have begun the planning process, please contact us so we can work with you to help you navigate this phase of life and enjoy retired living to the fullest.

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Why You Need Dallas Retirement Planning Services

When it comes to planning for your retirement, many factors are at play–so many that it becomes overwhelming. Try as you might to thoroughly plan your retirement, it’s best to seek a financial advisor’s expertise on the matter in order to make certain that you can achieve your retirement goals and live how you want. In this article, our Dallas/Fort Worth financial advisors in Colleyville will discuss 3 reasons why you need professional retirement planning services. 

Retirement Planning Is A World Of Its Own

As mentioned before, there are countless factors that will affect how you will live once you reach retirement age. As a top choice independent financial advisor, we have all the knowledge necessary to answer the questions you have, as well as the questions you may not be sure you even have yet. We can answer questions like:

  • How does my social security affect my spouse?
  • When should I claim my social security benefits?
  • Where do I start with my investments?
  • Should I consider any rollovers?
  • And much more!

With Our Fort Worth Financial Planning Services, You Won’t Pay More Taxes Than You Have To

As with any income, you have to pay taxes on your retirement income. However, if you don't carefully plan your retirement, you run the risk of paying way more than you actually need to. The tax strategy you use now won’t be the same one you use when you retire, so our Colleyville financial advisors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are here to help ensure that your tax strategy is a feasible one that allows you to enjoy retired living the way you want to.

Our Dallas Retirement Planning Services Will Protect You From Running Out Of Money

Few things are worse than anxiety about running out of money, and since retired living means you don’t bring in a stable income, many of our clients experience this feeling. As your Dallas retirement financial advisor, we will continuously monitor your retirement investment portfolio and adjust it accordingly so that you are assured an income even when market conditions change.

Ready To Take A Step In Your Retirement Planning? Retire Guides Is Eager To Help You Navigate Retirement!

Planning for your retirement is a complex process, but you don’t have to go it alone. Our Colleyville retirement financial advisors in Dallas/Fort Worth are dedicated to making retirement achievable for you. If you’re ready to start your journey, please contact our financial advisors. We look forward to developing and implementing a custom retirement plan that meets your unique needs.

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Active Versus Passive Investment For Retirement

If you’ve read our previous blog about diversifying your retirement investment portfolio, then you know why investing plays a critical role in what retired living looks like for you. In this article, our retirement financial advisors based in Dallas and Fort Worth expand on retirement investment. We’ll compare active and passive investment methods and discuss which is the best addition to your retirement planning strategy.

What Is Active Investing

As its name implies, active investing means that the investor takes a very direct and active approach to investing. If you’re an active investor, you need someone you can trust to serve as your portfolio manager. This approach requires extensive knowledge about investments and investment strategy, as well as a team behind you that can encourage the success of your investments, especially because they are usually short-lived to maximize earnings at the right time.

What Is Passive Investing

Passive investing is usually a long-term investment method. In this case, if you’re an investor, you likely won’t try to invest and then sell at the right time over and over. Rather, you as the investor would prefer to keep the investment and let it grow without nearly as much intervention or strategy behind it.

Pros And Cons Of Active And Passive Investment For Retirement

When you’re working on retirement planning, the right investment portfolio makes a world of a difference, which is why our Dallas retirement financial advisors in Fort Worth and Colleyville recommend you consider the pros and cons of each.

Pros And Cons Of Active Investing


  • Active investing is more flexible because they don’t require following an index
  • Active investing enables our clients to enter and exit as they please


  • A retirement investment portfolio fully comprised of active investment is expensive
  • Active investments are associated with higher risk and potentially high returns, but very bad losses

Pros And Cons Of Passive Investing For Retirement


  • Passive investing is lower in cost than active investing
  • Because passive investors are following an index, it is clear at all times what assets are present


  • Passive investments are limited to the index, so investors are tied to them regardless of market conditions
  • Their lower risk is also associated with lower returns

Should Your Retirement Investment Portfolio Be Made Up Of Active Or Passive Investments?

At this point, you might believe that it is ultimately up to your preference. While there is some truth to this, our Dallas financial planning experts recommend that your retirement investment portfolio consist of a healthy blend of both active and passive investments. This way, you can get the most out of investing while remaining comfortable about your assets and their levels of risk.

Ready To Improve Your Retirement Investment Portfolio? Our Colleyville Financial Advisors Are Ready To Help

If you would like to take a look at your portfolio, understand its performance, and/or make some adjustments to it, please contact us so that, together, we can encourage your retirement investment portfolio to provide the income you need to live your best retired life.

Financial Planning: The Sequence of Returns

A look at how variable rates of return do (and do not) impact investors over time.

What exactly is the “sequence of returns”? The phrase simply describes the yearly variation in an investment portfolio’s rate of return. Across 20 or 30 years of saving and investing for the future, what kind of impact do these deviations from the average return have on a portfolio’s final value?

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When To Start Retirement Planning

No matter if you are fresh out of college or have already established your career, you might be wondering when you should start planning for your retirement. In this article, our Dallas-area retirement financial advisors–who serve clients in Fort Worth and Colleyville–will discuss when the right time to plan for retirement is and what role we play as you begin planning for retired living.

At What Age Should You Start Planning Your Retirement?

This might not be the answer you’re looking for, but our Fort Worth ​​retirement financial advisors believe that the earlier you start planning your retirement, the better. You could start as soon as you receive your first paycheck once you finish schooling. 

If You Start Saving For Retirement Early, How Much Should You Save?

We advise our clients to save what they’re comfortable with saving. Even though your first job may not be 6 figures at first, the beauty of saving early is that your money earns interest, gradually compounding and eventually growing into way more than what you initially saved–all by itself! 

How Our Dallas Retirement Financial Advisor In Colleyville Can Help You Navigate Your Retirement

A lot goes into retirement planning, and you can read more about our financial planning services here. Unfortunately, because of the rather complex nature of retirement planning, some people keep putting it off rather than working with our Dallas retirement financial advisors. 

At Retire Guides, know that we want to do all the heavy lifting for you so you can keep working stress-free and enjoy retired living when the time comes. From investing for retirement to understanding social security and everything in between, rest assured that we will take care to understand what you want out of retirement and continuously help you achieve your retirement goals.

Our Fort Worth Retirement Financial Advisors Are Here To Journey With You As You Plan And Enjoy Retirement

It’s never too early to plan for your retirement. Even if you just imagine what you would like retired life to look like, this is an important step to take! When you’re ready to start saving, please contact us. We will take the time to understand your wants and needs and advise accordingly. We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you!

Financial Planning: Guarding Against Identity Theft

Take steps so criminals won’t take vital information from you.

America is enduring a data breach epidemic. The latest annual study of the problem from Javelin Strategy & Research, a leading financial analytics research firm, says that 16.7 million people across the nation were impacted by I.D. theft in 2017 – an all-time high.1