Estate Planning

Protecting Your Legacy

Estate planning is a process that requires time and careful thought, so we make it easier and more manageable by offering detailed will and trust review, legacy planning, Medicaid spend assessments, and by helping you find a suitable estate attorney. 

Will And Trust Review

Wills and trusts serve the same purpose–to ensure that your assets are protected and taken over by those of whom you choose to inherit these assets. While there is some overlap between wills and trusts, they may contain different information and will also take effect at different times.

On one hand, wills state how you wish for your affairs to be managed and your assets to be distributed after death and will only take effect after you pass away. Trusts, on the other hand, will take effect once signed and will be in effect while you are still alive. When you eventually pass away, the trustee you appoint will begin to manage your assets as laid out in the document.

Legacy Planning

Before you create a will and/or a trust, you will need to meet with a financial advisor to discuss legacy planning. Legacy planning is a financial strategy in which, together, we will determine how your assets and affairs should be handled after you pass away. This way, we can ensure that your wishes are honored by those close to you, rather than letting the state handle all of your affairs in a way you might not agree with.

Medicaid Spend Assessments

Medicaid applicants must have income and certain assets under a specified amount in order to qualify for long-term Medicaid, and although there are ways to reduce income and assets in order to meet the limit, they must be done within a specific time frame or else these assets will not be protected and you will not be eligible for long-term Medicaid care. Our financial advisors, with their extensive knowledge and experience, will ensure that you get the Medicaid coverage you need and that your assets are protected.

Estate Attorney

Rather than searching for one of many estate attorneys, we will be glad to aid in your search so you may be paired with a suitable attorney. The right estate attorney will help create the documents necessary in the estate planning process and will also serve as a guide in terms of the best way to handle your estate. Plenty goes into estate planning, so it is critical that you work with a qualified attorney who understands your concerns, will do what they can to better your understanding of your estate, and ensure you and your loved ones benefit from adequate planning.

At Retire Guides, our financial planners will work with you to understand your unique needs and retirement goals, recommend which type of document is most suitable for you, and assist you in finding a qualified estate attorney that will aid in estate planning. This way, not only is the estate planning process more efficient and easier to understand, but most importantly, you can rest assured that you will not be alone in this stage of retirement planning.

*Please note: Neither Avantax Investment Services℠ nor its representatives provide tax or legal advice.

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