Investment Management

Making Retirement a Reality

Investing is a great way to continue making money once you have retired, but unfortunately, advisors often fall short on explaining how your investments are performing and generally leave you in the dark. At Retire Guides, we break down all of the different investment methods available to you, develop a strategy, and keep you well-informed on your portfolio.

Retirement Income Strategy

As we mentioned before, Social Security should not be your only source of income when you retire, so it is vital that you follow a custom-tailored retirement income strategy to continue to earn a living. 

There are several different methods by which you can invest–including mutual funds, stocks, ETF (exchange traded funds), and an SMA (separately managed account). Which strategy–or combinations of strategies–we recommend you should follow will ultimately depend on your unique needs and preferences. Don’t worry–investments seem risky and complex on the surface, but we will break down each available strategy for you and guide you along the way.

Investment Fee Report

Once you decide to invest, keep in mind that there will be some fees associated with your investments, and these fees will play a role in your returns. The fees you will have to pay will depend on a few factors, including which investment strategy you follow and how much money you are investing, so we will take the time to break down these fees for you into a report that explains each fee in detail. As a form of retirement income, it is imperative that you are well-informed on how your investments perform and what you get out of them, and as your financial advisor we will make certain of this.

Stress Test Reports

Stress testing is a computer simulation technique utilized to gauge investment portfolios and how they will hold up against different investment risks. Utilizing stress testing is also a highly effective method for determining whether or not your investments are adequate enough to meet your needs. When executing a stress test, we may carry out a test based on historical data or hypothetical scenarios.

For example, we may test how your portfolio performs based on past financial crises, such as previous stock market crashes. As for stress testing based on hypothetical scenarios, we may test how your portfolio performs following a simulated war, natural disaster, and other scenarios that may affect the economy and, consequently, your assets.

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Understanding Social Security Benefits

This Detailed eGuide explains how to apply, covers timing, health, you desire to work, and other factors that may influence your Social Security claim decision.

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